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Nature at the service of your beauty

JVS™ is a device to comfortably treat face and body blemishes. Its TOTALLY NATURAL action allows optimal results in the concerned areas.

The JVS™ technology included in JET-SHAPE™ combines 3 functions that can be used together or individually depending on the blemish to be treated:
VACUUM (endodermic massage)
JET (exfoliation and resurfacing of tissue) – Optional
SPRAY (delivery of specific active ingredients) – Optional


JVS™ also features:
• JET mode:
exfoliation provided by water pressure on the skin (“pressure washing”)
• SPRAY mode:
delivery of selected active ingredients through air flows.


Face Handpiece + accessories

Face Handpiece + accessories

Five handpieces: each one is dedicated to a specific blemish.

Spray Handpiece

Spray Handpiece

Spray micronizes specific concentrates, facilitating their tissue penetration through a specifically modulated air flow. This technology is made for active ingredients vehiculation in face treatments.

Jet Handpiece

Jet Handpiece

The JET mode produces a supersonic flow of water that combines specific micronised active ingredients with air, generating an immediate exfoliating and regenerating effect on the tissue in a pleasant and safe manner.


Body Spheres

Body Spheres

Spheres type: draining action, useful for localized fat or edematous cellulite blemishes.

Body - Roller Handpiece

Body - Roller Handpiece

Roller type: connective tissue massage, new oxygenation and stretching action for infiltrated, loose and/or contracted tissue.

Body benefits

JVS™ is recommended for all facial and body blemishes, where firming, oxygenating and regeneration of the tissue are needed

30 minutes maximum treatments



face revitalized skin effect:

  • drainage
  • lifting effect
  • defibrage
  • oxygenation
  • brightening (spray) – optional
  • exfoliation (jet) – optional
  • resurfacing (jet) – optional
  • revitalisation (spray) – optional

body sculpture:

  • cellulite
  • fat deposits
  • firming
  • remodelling
  • drainage
  • defibrage
  • stretch marks
  • vascularisation
  • oxygenation



01 Face and body treatments
02 Synergy between aspiration, pressure and penetration
03 JET function for exfoliation
04 SPRAY function vehiculation for active ingredients
05 VACUUM endodermic massage
06 Multiple handpieces and accessories
07 Lightweight and ergonomic handpieces

Totally Made in Italy

100% Made in Italy means Italian design, Italian materials, Italian data sheets and the guarantee of using the highest quality products.

Everything you need – from consumables to spare parts – will be shipped directly from our laboratories, which means immediate and effective support.

Total made in Italy

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