OXYS increases the hydration, radiance and youthfulness of the skin and is a powerful solution against atmospheric aggression and environmental stress.

Oxygen treatment

The oxygen treatment owes its great success to the complementarity and synergy that is created between the application of oxygen and some specific active ingredients created for the treatment of skin blemishes.

NOVAESTETYC has created OXYS, a device able to increase the level of oxygenation in the epidermis that assists the production of elastin and collagen.

OXYS is also an effective and constant detoxifying agent for protecting the skin through targeted anti-smog treatments.

Fields of application

visible effects and progressive improvements in the 48 hours following treatment

OXYS obtains oxygen from the surrounding area using a filtering system at the molecular level so as to generate a “pure” oxygen flow.
The Oxys system supplies high concentration oxygen (95%) for direct applications on the skin in synergy with four different concentrated fluids:


Anti Age Concentrate:

Based on non-alcoholic Rose distillate with a toning and refreshing effect, and a mix of revitalizing plant extracts in addition to two special regenerating, recompacting, anti-radical and bio-mimetic Peptides. The filler effect is guaranteed by a high percentage of hyaluronic acid, a fundamental component of the dermis.


Rebalancing Concentrator Sebum Regulator:

Concentrate with purifying, decongestant and normalizing effect thanks to a mix of plant extracts such as Hypericum and Chamomile and with a slightly keratolytic effect thanks to the presence of Willow. It is enriched with an intelligent active ingredient Aqualance ™ which is able to regulate skin hydration and a special Cinnamon extract capable of rebalancing skin disorders due to sebaceous hypersecretion.

white issue

Anti Stain Concentrate:

Contains the non-alcoholic distillate of Orange Blossom, energizing and regenerating, a mix of active plant ingredients extracted from Citrus fruits, and Diacetylboldin, Emblica and Vitamin C phosphate with lightening effect of the scrub and inhibitor of melanogenesis.


Concentrated Sensitive and Dehydrated Skin:

Contains non-alcoholic Lime distillate, moisturizing and emollient, a mix of decongestant plant extracts such as Licorice and Blueberry, Aloe and Hyaluronic Acid which, as a fundamental component of the dermis, has a particular ability to bind water, giving the skin hydration, plasticity and elasticity. softness.

Totally Made in Italy

100% Made in Italy means Italian design, Italian materials, Italian data sheets and the guarantee of using the highest quality products.

Everything you need – from consumables to spare parts – will be shipped directly from our laboratories, which means immediate and effective support.

Total made in Italy

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